The Need to Lead in Time of Crisis–Part Three: The Power of Story—To Plan, To Act, To Asses, To Adapt–Video & Articles

Our organizations have stories too, don’t they? Beyond bottom lines, programs, products and number of clients served, we have stories that define our organizations: the vision of the founder, the sacrifices of early employees, the commitment to serve customers well, the innovation that helped us scale up. When combined, our stories reflect our corporate identity. Right now, we are all living in the middle of a new story, the Coronavirus Global Pandemic Story. What is your version of the Coronavirus story?

The Need to Lead in Time of Crisis–Part Two: Cash Flow 101–Video & Article

News channels and financial experts are hard at work. 24/7 we are constantly bombarded with Coronavirus financial chatter. All of this electronic clatter can easily clutter the mind of organizational leaders. If we’re not careful, we find ourselves monitoring the chorus of global and national speculation, rather than focusing on the financial essentials of our own enterprise.

Long Term

Rehearsing Your Future

Here is what I believe. The board is responsible for the mission, vision and over-arching plans of your organization. Those elected to the board answer a call to be stewards of the organization’s purpose, health and effectiveness. Board members must remember the weight and responsibility of the moral duty they bear, the work they oversee and the talents entrusted to them. The board has an essential role in organizational impact.

Instead of Resolutions—Try Reflection

Tis’ the season for resolutions. Well, not quite. It’s a tad too early for most of us. The truth of the matter is, in a manner similar to our last minute Christmas scurry, we often feel compelled to cobble together a quick list of New Year’s Resolutions. Call it resolution peer pressure, the bandwagon of good intentions or the guilt of things left undone. We “rush to resolution” sometime between December 30th and January 2nd.