Independent Schools

Independent Schools
You seek to do great things in the K-12 private sector amidst a world focused on public funding.  We realize the tremendous burden you face, and want to assist you in your efforts to plan well, execute efficiently and resource appropriately to meet the dreams of your board, the expectations of your parents and the needs of children you teach and shape.
Higher Education
You are facing unprecedented challenges in higher education.  We understand.   We know the tensions that exist in pursuing excellence, providing value and maintaining affordability.  We offer services to help you plan and navigate change, while seeking resources to foster your growth and expansion.
You exist to meet the healthcare needs of your community.  All of this requires significant support.  We help you assess programs, improve systems, cast vision and lay plans to engage physicians, marshal volunteers and connect with grateful patients to secure the resources you require to provide the level of care your mission demands.
Arts & Community Service
You provide beauty and light, care and comfort to those whom you serve.  In a season when some look to cut funding and limit service, we work with you to secure the resources necessary to ensure you continue to bring light and life to all you inspire and aid.  Let us stand alongside you as you plan your future and expand your network of support. 
You exist to offer hope and heal the hurting.  We want to come alongside you to help you meet those needs by laying plans to extend your reach, seek funding to expand your facility, launch a new program or retire existing debt.  We exist to serve you as you serve others.
Select Businesses
You get it.  You know that your business cannot rest on current success, or a history good numbers.  We get it too.  We are privileged to partner with select businesses that serve the common good as they plan strategies that anticipate tomorrow, rather than react to today.  New direction.  New product.  New customers.  We can moderate your search for future “blue oceans” and help you manage the challenge of change.