We Provide

Institutional Planning & Implementation

Who are you?  Where are you headed?  What resources are necessary?  How will you get there?  These questions are essential.  But too often they take a backseat to the tyranny of the annual plan, checking boxes on a budgetary worksheet and the institutional gravity of business as usual.

Business strategic planningWe join you in moderating a forward thinking process that invites and engages stakeholders to participate and embrace a culture of planning and execution.  Too many planning practices are based on the way things are.  We often utilize scenario planning techniques to help you develop informed futures, research-based cases that compel you to prepare and plan for different internal developments and external uncertainties.

Across the span of the process, stakeholders are updated and given opportunity to contribute.  Though building a culture of strategic planning takes time, it fosters the clarity and buy-in necessary to make planning substantive and change real.

David Alexander is one of the most effective strategic thinkers and leaders whom I have worked with in my career.  David has a great ability to assist an organization in the development of its mission and vision and then to help in the development of a strategic plan that links to the mission and vision in a way that can result in significant benefit to the organization.
Joel Pearsall, President, Northwest Nazarene University

Unit Planning & Implementation

Mature organizations tend to focus on improving current systems and existing programs, product and processes.  The exception to this rule may be found in creative units within the larger organization.  It is here, in these enterprising units, that new ideas emerge to engage new clients and attract new customers.

We moderate a dynamic planning process that examines how you may best innovate and evolve in order to serve more people and differentiate yourself from the competition.  If you believe strategic change is essential for your long-term success, we want to join you in forecasting, developing, testing and implementing strategies that will shape your future.

David Alexander brings experienced perspective, keen insight and thoughtful empathy to his work in higher education. His conscientiousness paired with his ability to quickly assess and connect the dots made our engagements with him across many years at two institutions enjoyable, energizing and effective.
Rick Bailey, President, The Richard Harrison Bailey Agency

Change Management Executive Coaching

It is a good thing to create a compelling plan.  It is an even greater thing to manage the change necessary to make that plan real.  It is the only way visions are ever fulfilled. 

We walk with Presidents, CEO’s, VPs and unit managers in a spirit of encouragement and a commitment to candor.  We serve as sounding boards, resource guides and truth-tellers, walking alongside you as you communicate, motivate, monitor and manage change.