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Campaign Planning & Feasibility

A compelling campaign plan is a powerful resource—a key to a successful capital campaign.  We work with you to develop, focus and fine-tune your campaign plan and its goals.  Through both quantitative and qualitative means we engage internal and external stakeholders and work with you to develop a viable plan and set goals that can be achieved.

David Alexander has deeply impacted my life and career. As a colleague in higher education for several years, I observed his finesse in bringing focused change to the organization, all the while changing long-held paradigms by leading the largest comprehensive financial campaign in its history. He is a talented man of commitment and vision whose passion is both inspiring and tenacious.
John Martin, Founder & Principal, Forster Consulting,
foundation grant officer, planned giving expert

Business People Working on DocumentsCampaign Counsel

Capital campaigns are all-consuming endeavors.  Their success requires vigilance, foresight and focus.  We walk alongside you, providing support and encouragement through the various dimensions of the campaign, identifying and training volunteers, equipping staff, identifying key prospects, developing donor strategies, monitoring deadlines and celebrating results.

David Alexander had just assumed the role of Vice President for Advancement when we first met in 1998. Soon after that time I had the opportunity to come alongside and have walked with him as he has served at different institutions, as vice president and as president. I have found him to be creative, yet pragmatic, full of ideas, yet with the ability to implement. As he launches Alexander Resource Strategies, he brings the rich experiences that only come from having led the way. He will help you further your goals with his time-tested expertise, his innovative approach, and his collaborative spirit.
Bobbie Strand, President, Strand Resources

Development Audit & Assessment

Knowing who you are, what you do and where your resources are deployed are all essential elements to your success.  Our development audit and assessment examines all these W’s and your performance metrics.  We get to know your leadership team, work with you to determine where you are performing well, and identify where there is opportunity to improve your fundraising capacity.

David Alexander invited me to step away from the world of the law and come serve at my alma mater.  I joined an expanding development team; together we built the systems, processes and initiatives necessary to launch and successfully complete the largest capital campaign in the university’s history.  David supported me as I grew in that position and encouraged me as I returned to the legal community.
Deborah Hubbs, corporate attorney, foundation board director

Happy senior couple sitting in summer near lakeAnnual, Major & Planned Giving 

The annual giving, major giving and planned giving dimensions of your organization provide vital, foundational support to your institution.  We work with you to assess, build and improve a multi-layered giving program that taps varied constituent groups, identifies and develops rising donors and provides the prospect management and stewardship programs needed to yield annual, special and long-term fundraising results.

It was my privilege to work with David Alexander while he was President of Northwest Nazarene University and I was Vice President for Academic Affairs.  We had a good and warm relationship during those years.  David led the institution through the great recession and into brighter institutional days.  In all those years he was a strong leader in determining how limited resources would be deployed while maintaining a solid commitment to the mission of the university.  I especially appreciated his vision for a vibrant and robust future for the institution.
Samuel Dunn, Vice President for Academic Affairs Emeritus, Professor of Business, Futurist

Interim Development Management

In select instances, at the request of a client, we step in to serve in an interim leadership capacity.  Such seasons of interim leadership are designed to maintain momentum, engage staff and provide stability during periods of transition.